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Our team at Trianon Law offer a comprehensive range of wills and estate services. Ensure your loved ones will be cared for when you’re not around anymore. You can draft a legally binding will to make sure your wishes will be honoured and minimise the stress and hassle your family will be subject to when it’s time to distribute your estate. Our caring and compassionate solicitors work with a range of clients throughout the Sunshine Coast, including Caboolture, Maroochydore and Caloundra.

Our services include:
– Drafting & updating wills
– Drafting & revoking Powers of Attorney
– Drafting & revoking Enduring Guardian documents
– Applying for probate
– Challenging wills
– Deceased estate claims
– Estate planning administration
– Letters of Administration

Our wealth of knowledge enables us to accommodate for different family dynamics and complex business, company, trust or superannuation structures. Make an appropriate plan for the future with assistance from Trianon Law. To get started, book an appointment on 07 5444 4249.

Estate Administration Services

Here at Trianon Law, we will guide you through the complex wills and estate legislation. Our legal team in Maroochydore can advise how an estate must be distributed and assist with probate applications for the executor of the will. We can also help you apply for a Letter of Administration in the event that no will has been left.

Common tasks of the executor or administrator include:

– Funeral arrangements
– Applying for probate
– Preserving assets
– Gathering assets & paying liabilities
– Defending the estate from any legal challenge
– Managing the deceased’s tax affairs

We understand that our clients are going through an emotionally taxing and stressful time when they come to us for wills and estate services. That’s why we do our utmost to provide sensitive and considered advice to make the process as seamless as we can. For all enquiries, please don’t hesitate to call.

Estate Administration Services — Local Solicitors in Maroochydore, QLD
Trianon Law

Making or Updating A Will

Is your will up to date? While it can be painful to think of a time when we’re not around for our families, it’s important to ensure they’ll be taken care of. Our legal team at Trianon Law provide services to help you make or update a will, so you can make sure your wishes will be honoured.

A clear, legally binding will is critical to minimise the stress and confusion your loved ones will go through in the event of your death.

We consider all factors, including assets, medical directives and final wishes, and even specifying a guardian for your children if they are under 18 years old. You’ll also need to nominate an executor to ensure your will or estate plan is carried out. Whether your circumstances have changed (such as marriage or divorce) or you’re creating a will for the first time, contact the team at Trianon Law.

Power of Attorney

If you need to prepare a Power of Attorney document, our legal team can help. You can nominate a trusted person to manage your affairs and act on your behalf when you’re no longer able to do so. This could be for a short period of time, such as an overseas trip, or an extended period, such as physical or mental illness.

General Power of Attorney is used to nominate a person to make financial decisions on your behalf. Enduring Power of Attorney enables someone to make legal, financial and health decisions for you—even selling your property. This is generally put in place if you are no longer able to make decisions. To find the best solution possible to meet your needs, book a consultation with our professionals.

Power of Attorney — Local Solicitors in Maroochydore, QLD